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Sell Your Home in 96 Hours

The 96 Hour Home Selling System

The 96 Hour Home Selling System works by concentrating the typical home showing and selling period into one weekend, preceded by an intensive marketing campaign.

So, instead of putting your home on the market for weeks & months at a time and you having to deal with the hassle and frustration of trying to keep your home clean and in “show condition” 7 days a week, our system simply focuses all the marketing and activity on your home into one weekend, creating an auction-like atmosphere and stimulating multiple offers and a top dollar selling price.

And because we do a tremendous amount of marketing and advertising for your home, including TV, Radio, Direct Mail, the Internet, Professional Photography, Professional Staging and more (all guaranteed in writing with our exclusive Marketing Guarantee), we are able to attract more qualified buyers in one weekend than traditional brokers attract in 2-3 months.

Finally, because the showings are concentrated into one weekend (instead of the slow trickle of showings that occurs with a traditional listing), our system creates the “critical mass” of all of those showings compressed into a single weekend, resulting in multiple offers.

10 Reasons to Utilize the 96 Hour Home Selling System

  1. Sell for More Money – Multiple offers allows us to bid up the price and get top dollar.
  2. Sell in One Weekend – Avoid the hassle of having to try to keep your home in “show condition” 7 days a week & having your dinners and family time constantly interrupted because you have to leave at the drop of a hat for showings.
  3. No Signs – No need to attract unwanted attention from nosy neighbors, family or friends.
  4. Model Perfect, Professionally Staged Home – Your home only has to show well for 1 weekend.  We will professionally stage your home & prepare it for the weekend showings so it will show like a model home.
  5. Pick your buyer – Multiple offers means you can pick the best buyer and offer for your specific situation – i.e. a buyer who will allow you to rent back until you find or move in to your next home or a buyer who will allow your tenant to stay through their current lease term.
  6. Easy on the Kids and Pets – All showings in one weekend eliminates the hassle of having to keep kids rooms constantly clean or putting pets in the kennel or the crate every single day.
  7. Easy on tenants – No more worrying about giving tenants 24 hour notice for each and every showing – now you can sell your rental property in one weekend and minimize the inconvenience to your tenants.
  8. Sell your home “As is” – We recommend a pre-sale Home Inspection so that we know about any potential repair issues before the property goes on the market, allowing us to disclose and negotiate these items as part of the initial sale.  We find buyers are typically not concerned with minor issues when they are disclosed up front.  In addition, the fact that we have multiple offers gives us the power to negotiate an “As-is” sale.
  9. Guaranteed Marketing – Our Marketing Guarantee specifies in writing exactly what will be done to market and advertise your home, so you know your home will get the maximum amount of marketing exposure, resulting in multiple offers and a top dollar sale.
  10. Cancel Anytime – You are never obligated to sell your home & you can cancel whenever you wish.


Is it an auction?

No.   While we do create an “auction-like atmosphere” because of the number of buyers looking at your home in a short period of time, we do not sell the home via an auction.

Do you cooperate with other brokers?  Will my home be on the MLS?

Absolutely!  Your home will be on the MLS and your home will be marketed to every broker in San Diego County.

How much does it cost?

There is no extra charge for the 96 Hour Home Selling System.  In fact, we offer a flexible commission structure that actually saves you money vs. a traditional listing.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one.  Having sold over 2,000 homes in Southern California (San Diego, Riverside & Orange County) over the past 14 years, we know how to sell and market homes, and we know the market.  It’s that simple.

What’s the next step?

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